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A perfect partnership! Social Blend is a popular brand from Toronto voted one of BlogTo’s top 50 Cafes. Known for their delicious and wonderfully creative Macarons & Dacquoise. Dao is exclusive partner for Social Blend’s signature flavours and monthly specialty flavours.

Social Blend Korean-style Macarons

Luxurious, crisp, macarons are all hand-made, gluten-free (almond flour), chilled and stuffed with a not too sweet buttercream. Available in 9 signature classic flavours: Blueberry Cheesecake, Earl Grey, Strawberry Crunch, Oreo, Matcha Kitkat, Milk Chocolate, Injeolmi (Korean roasted soybean), Tiramisu, and Double Raspberry.

Social Blend also offers rotating monthly flavours! See our online menu to see what’s available.

Korean-style Dacquoise

The “big cousin” of the macaron. Social Blend’s Korean Dacquoise is half macaron and half cream puff. Delicate, creamy, not too sweet and infused with a rich filling available in multiple signature and rotating monthly flavours!

3 Signature flavours: Coffee Mocha, Earl Grey and Strawberry Crunch. See our online menu for updated monthly flavours.

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