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Sure to put a smile on your face, Hattendo Japanese Cream Buns were literally created during a time of crisis in Japan to cheer people up! Created with the highest standards and dedication to quality, Hattendo products are meant to be enjoyed fresh with only the best quality ingredients and the absence of any chemical preservatives.

Hattendo Cream Buns

A luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth cream buns are all hand-made, hand wrapped and are the result of the repeated trials of thousands of recipes before getting the perfect refreshing, chilled, not too sweet, buttery soft texture of the Hattendo Cream Bun.
Available in Custard Cream, Whipping Cream, Matcha, Chocolate and more! See our online menu for all flavours including seasonal items.

Hattendo Puddings

A traditional and very popular Japanese dessert! No preservatives or artificial flavours, just the natural creamy and smooth texture of a classic light dessert.

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