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The creation of chef Christoper Siu. Dao Cafe is the only place in Ottawa where you can enjoy the wonderful creations and work of a MasterChef Canada winner!


Almost too cute to eat. But you won’t regret it once you bite into these uniquely adorable character macarons. Each character is its own unique flavour. Daango Macarons are sure to bring a smile to one’s face and are a hit at any birthday, office, or dinner party! All Daango Macarons are made with Almond flour and gluten-free! See our online menu for all the unique characters and flavours!

Cake Slices & Pastries

We can only describe Daango’s cakes and pastries as edible art! Wonderfully creative, colourful, cute and Instagrammable! All available flavours and creations can be found on our online menu.

Full Sized Cakes

Available for pre-order only. Daango’s Signature cakes are designed to satisfy your sweet tooth and your soul. You have to see it, and taste it to believe it!

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