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At Dao Café, we offer fresh baked treats and full flavoured coffee and teas to food and drink lovers in Ottawa. Our Ottawa-exclusive sweet and savoury croissants and popular desserts and pastries are made fresh daily in-house.

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A beloved product of Japan, the unique taste and texture of Pablo’s Cheese Tarts have become a popular chain in North America with multiple locations across Canada and now in Ottawa! Pablo offers not only Cheese Tarts but cheesecakes, mini cheese tarts and seasonal flavours as well – all available and baked fresh daily at DAO. Unlike most traditional cheesecakes, Pablo’s products are less sweet with every bite filled with flavour and their signature soft, gooey filling. It is a must try for visitors to DAO Café.

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Hattendo chilled Cream Buns were first created in 1933 in Hiroshima Japan with the purpose of cheering people up during the worst years of the country’s Great Depression. Created with the finest ingredients and free from harmful chemical preservatives, Hattendo’s cream buns are made to be enjoyed fresh the day it is purchased at DAO – the only place in Ottawa for Hattendo cream buns, puddings and seasonal items.

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Daango combines the unforgettable flavour combinations, textures and the artistry of MasterChef 2021 winner Christopher Siu. Perhaps some of the most Instagrammable desserts around, many have fallen in love with the creative pastries and adorable character macarons that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees them. The many wonderful flavours of Daango is only available in Ottawa at DAO Café. As cute as these treats are, we recommend not waiting too long to eat them which is a challenge in itself given how cute they are!

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Cho Kwok Lat

Cho-Kwok-Lat “The Chocolate and Pastry that treats you well”. DAO Café is the only other location serving Award winning Chocolate Master and Pastry Chef Chris Kwok’s creations focused on natural, high quality, locally sourced ingredients without all the added fillers and preservatives so you can feel good about treating yourself.

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