About Dao Café

We are a modern, one-of-a-kind Café in Ottawa for the very best in high quality baked goods, premium cha (tea) and coffee, and the only location in Ottawa that offers Pablo Cheese Tarts, Cho-kwok-lat Chocolates, Hattendo Cream Buns and Puddings, and Daango Macarons and cakes. Dao also offers their own exclusive line of Euro-Asian inspired, fresh baked croissants and buns with a modern twist.

Why Dao Café?

Dao Café is for anyone who LOVES great food, great coffee and tea and a new one-of-a-kind dining experience in Ottawa. It is common for visitors of Dao to comment that it is like an escape to Europe or Asia – from the food to the spacious modern interior and the Japanese Tea house vibes, it is truly a new and very Instagrammable experience that is proudly Canadian.

Dao Bake and Sip Café Ottawa - Euro Asian Inspired Cafe - Stack of Korean Macarons

1 | The Food

Whether you are already a fan of some of our famous world-class brands created by Master Chefs or you just love food and new food experiences, Dao Café offers something for everyone. The number one complaint from our visitors is that our food is “too cute to eat.” Dao is a combination of food and art.

Dao Bake and Sip Cafe Canada - Euro-Asian Cafe Ottawa - Pour Over Coffee Bar Hatchcrafted

2 | Our Coffees & Teas

Most come for the food and unexpectedly end up falling in love with our drinks! We offer all the traditional coffees but also Asian inspired flavours at our wonderfully aesthetic coffee bar. We are also one of the few places in Ottawa that offers full flavoured pour-overs. Our premium fruit teas are all made with real fruit and premium Jasmine cha. No fake stuff added.

Dao Bake and Sip Cafe Ottawa - Cafe Location Seating Coffee Bar

3 | The Ambience and Vibe

We’re not just another bakery. Our spacious, modern, very instagrammable interior has been the talk of the town and is rarely seen in Ottawa. So much so that it has been a popular location for photographers and content creators. Dao is the perfect escape from your daily grind and the ideal spot to not only satisfy your cravings but to please all of your senses.

COVID-19 Protocols

We take the health and safety of our guests and staff very seriously and follow all health and safety protocols outlined by the Ontario Government. We ask all visitors of DAO Café to kindly wear a mask while not eating or drinking, follow social distancing outlined by our floor signs, use sanitizing stations set up throughout the Café and above all be respectful of others.

Featured award winning chefs

Dao Cafe Canada - Featured Chefs - Nasser Saleh Head Chef at Dao Cafe Qatar Dinara Kaskao Outlet

Nasser Saleh

Dao Executive Head Chef Nasser Saleh. Former Executive Head Chef at the famous Dinara Kaskao Outlet in Qatar, Nasser came to Canada after escaping the war in Ukraine in 2022. His culinary journey started at a young age working alongside his father in a Chocolate factory. Nasser’s love for food and pastries brought him across Europe working, studying and teaching pastry courses. He graduated and later taught in a culinary academy in Dubai. Before moving to the Ukraine, Nasser became the executive head chef of the world’s first and only Dinara Kasko Outlet Worldwide in Qatar – famous for their pastries and architectural approach to creating cakes. Now as Executive Head Chef at Dao, Nasser brings something new and unique to Ottawa. From mouth-watering seasonal desserts to unique food creations made to fit all types of dietary needs, Nasser is bringing more sweet, savoury, Gluten-free, Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan options to Dao for all to enjoy.

Dao Cafe Canada - Featured Chefs - Christopher Siu of Daan Go Masterchef Canada Winner

Christopher Siu

Winner of 2021 MasterChef Canada, Chris first made a name for himself as a contestant on Masterchef season 2. He is the creator of Daango Cake Labs – a popular dessert chain in Toronto well known for their delicious and adorable macarons and cakes that are almost “too cute to eat.” DAO Café is proud to be the exclusive carrier of Daango Cake Labs in Ottawa.

Dao Cafe Canada - Featured Chefs - Chris Kwok of Cho Kwok Lat

Chris Kwok

Award winning Chocolatier, World Chocolate Master and creator of Cho-Kwok-Lat. Chris’s passion for pastries and desserts allowed him to travel and work in fine restaurants and hotels across Canada. As a top Canadian pastry chef and chocolatier, he is a strong believer in using optimal, natural and whenever possible locally sourced ingredients. Treating yourself doesn’t mean making unhealthy choices for yourself and the environment. Chris is a strong believer in high quality ingredients, low food waste, and sourcing from local farms to reduce food mileage so you can feel good about your food choice. DAO is thrilled to be the one and only carrier of Cho-Kwok-Lat in Ottawa.

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