Dao & Ottawa Asian Fest Night Market on Sparks

This year’s Ottawa Asian Fest Night Market is moving from Chinatown to Sparks Street and Dao is proud to be a vendor AND head sponsor of this year’s event!

Ottawa Asian Fest is a non-profit organization focused on bringing more Asian food, art and culture to Ottawa through their Night Markets. At Dao, we aim to do the same – promoting more diversity and culture through food.

This summer, we will be on Sparks Street and we hope to bring something new and something special to our first Night Market. See you on Sparks! July 22-24, 2022.

Dao Canada - Bake and Sip Cafe Euro Asian Inspired - Croissant on Plate Cut Out

About our menu

At Dao Café, we’re proud to offer drinks and treats from some of Canada’s top specialty chefs, like Christopher Siu – winner of MasterChef Canada 2021, Award Winning Chocolatier Chris Kwok, and internationally-renowned and loved Japanese brands Hattendo and Pablo Cheese Tarts.

On our menu, you’ll find adorable dessert macarons and cakes, sweet and savoury specialty croissants, chocolate tablets and dragee made from the highest quality ingredients, famous Japanese cheese tarts and cheesecakes, and one of a kind Japanese Cream buns and puddings made with the finest natural ingredients.

To drink, we offer fresh fruit premium teas, fresh fruit cheese cap teas, matcha teas and lattes, and specialty coffees and pour overs.

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Dao Canada - Bake and Sip Cafe Euro Asian Inspired - Croissant on Plate Cut Out

Dao: noun

(in Chinese philosophy)

The concept of Dao, indicates a “way” in the sense of a path. The path upon which one travels, or the act of leading someone down a path.

Featured Chef

Nasser Saleh

Dao Executive Head Chef Nasser Saleh. Former Executive Head Chef at the famous Dinara Kaskao Outlet in Qatar, Nasser came to Canada after escaping the war in Ukraine in 2022. Now as Executive Head Chef at Dao, Nasser brings something new and unique to Ottawa. From mouth-watering seasonal desserts to unique food creations made to fit all types of dietary needs, Nasser is bringing more sweet, savoury, gluten-free, Halal, vegetarian and vegan options to Dao for all to enjoy.

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Dao Cafe Ottawa Head Chef Nasser Saleh Headshot

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