Hello Ottawa, welcome to your new favourite café.

Dao Café is a Euro Asian café offering fresh baked pastries, desserts and creations from popular dessert brands and world class chefs to foodies and families in Ottawa. We specialize in Euro Asian Inspired coffees, fruit teas, croissants, and desserts. We offer our own line of specialty pastries but are also the only place in Ottawa to offer Pablo cheese tarts, Daango Cake Lab, Cho-kwok-lat all natural chocolates, and Hattendo cream buns and puddings.

Dao Canada - Bake and Sip Cafe Euro Asian Inspired - Croissant on Plate Cut Out

About our menu

At Dao Café, we’re proud to offer drinks and treats from some of Canada’s top specialty chefs, like Christopher Siu – winner of MasterChef Canada 2021, Award Winning Chocolatier Chris Kwok, and internationally-renowned and loved Japanese brands Hattendo and Pablo Cheese Tarts.

On our menu, you’ll find adorable dessert macarons and cakes, sweet and savoury specialty croissants, chocolate tablets and dragee made from the highest quality ingredients, famous Japanese cheese tarts and cheesecakes, and one of a kind Japanese Cream buns and puddings made with the finest natural ingredients.

To drink, we offer fresh fruit premium teas, fresh fruit cheese cap teas, matcha teas and lattes, and specialty coffees and pour overs.

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Dao Canada - Bake and Sip Cafe Euro Asian Inspired - Croissant on Plate Cut Out

Dao: noun

(in Chinese philosophy)

The concept of Dao, indicates a “way” in the sense of a path. The path upon which one travels, or the act of leading someone down a path.

Featured Chef

Chris Kwok

Award winning Chocolatier, World Chocolate Master and creator of Cho-Kwok-Lat. Chris’s passion for pastries and desserts allowed him to travel and work in fine restaurants and hotels across Canada. As a top Canadian pastry chef and chocolatier, he is a strong believer in using optimal, natural and whenever possible locally sourced ingredients. Treating yourself doesn’t mean making unhealthy choices for yourself and the environment. Chris is a strong believer in high quality ingredients, low food waste, and sourcing from local farms to reduce food mileage so you can feel good about your food choice. DAO is thrilled to be the one and only carrier of Cho-Kwok-Lat in Ottawa.

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Dao Canada - Euro Asian Inspired Bake and Sip Cafe - Chris Kwok Chef Profile Photo

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